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Join the Cycle Revolution: Get Early Access to the Embody App!

Join the Cycle Revolution: Get Early Access to the Embody App!
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Do you want to start a menstrual revolution? Join Embody’s closed beta launch! Embody isn’t another period tracking app. It’s a cycle wellness tool that helps you understand all the phases of your menstrual cycle, not just your period. And, unlike other apps, it protects your data and is private by default. This week, Embody is launching in closed beta! That means we're opening the app to an exclusive group of users (that can be you, dear reader) before it's made available to the public.

Simply click on the link for your device, follow the directions for download, and your in!

iOS ➡️
Android ➡️

If you're having some trouble downloading, these user flows may help!

Why Should I Join? 🤔

Insiders don’t just get to try out Embody before anyone else. You’ll actually have a serious impact on the final product by providing feedback on your experience, what you like, what you don’t like, and more. That feedback goes directly to the team and helps us make Embody better. By providing feedback, you help us fine-tune Embody's functionality and usability. You're not just a beta tester—you're an innovator, shaping the future of cycle apps. Channel that post Roe angst, and turn it into action. That's superhero level stuff.

Are You Ready to Embody Your Cycle?🩸

The most important part of being a beta tester is giving feedback. You can do that by joining our Embody Community group on Geneva. Hope to see you there! 🧺 Join by 8/23 to be entered into a raffle to win a cycle care basket (value $350)!

👉 Join Us on Geneva! 👈

More About Embody 🔵

Embody is more than a “period tracking app.” It’s a fully comprehensive cycle wellness app that empowers you to understand each phase of your menstrual cycle—not just your period—and take ownership of your personal health data. By tracking the symptoms from each phase, users learn how to optimize their physical and mental health... from how hard to work out at the gym to how many social events they should stack in their calendars. Plus, Embody is the only cycle-tracking app that's private by default, meaning we don’t gather any of your personal data. Period.

A Note on Your Data

One of our core values at Embody is protecting the data of our users. That’s why we’re private by default.That means we don’t gather any personal data on our users unless you say we can by changing your in-app privacy settings. Even then, that data is fully anonymous (it can’t be tied to any personal information in your account) and we only gather two pieces of information:

  • How often you open the app
  • How often you press the “save” button when tracking symptoms

Since the goal of a beta launch is to help us improve the app, we’d love for our insiders to share that data with us, but it is not required and when you install Embody, it will still be private by default. You have the power.

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