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Introducing Embody, the privacy-forward period app.
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TL;DR: We're building the most comprehensive and privacy forward period tracker available. At Embody we believe both privacy tech and better tools for understanding how our bodies work are the keys to improving the lives of people who menstruate. We are taking back control of our bodies with the education and privacy preserving technology we deserve. Sign up for our waitlist.

Building the sophisticated, safe period tracker we deserve.

A third of women in the United States and an estimated 50 million people worldwide use a period tracking app. It is an undeniably useful tool. But in June 2022, the US Supreme Court decided to overturn Roe v Wade, ending the constitutional right to abortion. Immediately, security experts began waving red flags:

Right now, and I mean this instant, delete every digital trace of any menstrual tracking. Please.
– Prof. Gina Neff, University of Cambridge
If you want to be safe, use a paper calendar.
– Andrea Ford

Why are they worried? Period trackers have a nefarious history of selling women's health data; leading period tracker Flo was sued in 2019 by the FTC for just that. Now trackers are attempting to cover their mistakes with duct tape measures like 'anonymous mode', but the truth is the sensitive information you enter into your period tracker is accessible to others. If you live in a place that has banned abortion, this means the data you input into your period tracker can be subpoenaed by law enforcement in the case of a suspected abortion. This isn't fear mongering. It's happening, and will continue to happen.

Less than 6 months after Roe v Wade was overturned, thirteen US states now ban abortion with few or no exceptions. This battle to preserve our bodily autonomy is happening in real time. The fight is playing out in courtrooms all over the US as more states consider similar measure. This leaves a populous who is ill-informed, unprepared, and vulnerable to the consequences of this new legislation.

Why is privacy imperative in a period tracking app? Warrants for digital data are routine in police investigations. Women have been sent to jail based on digital data suggesting attempts to access means for an abortion. Google searches, location tracking, and information entered (or not entered) into your period app can be used as circumstantial evidence.

Even Apple, a company once known for its leadership in digital privacy, is leaving women vulnerable. This past fall 10 attorneys general wrote an open letter to Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, raising their privacy concerns, writing that data entered into third party apps available on their App Store can be "weaponized against consumers by law enforcement, private entities, or individuals."

This is outrageously unacceptable. Not only is our most private data unsafe, but we are being asked by experts to delete our period trackers and simply return to pen and paper. If you've ever used a period tracker, you know that there is so much more to tracking than simply knowing when your next period starts. Women and people with cycles rely on their trackers to recognize patterns over months and years. We use them to avoid pregnancy. We use them to get pregnant. We use them to plan for upcoming events and travel. We use them to monitor health conditions. We use them in partnership with our doctors when we are exploring a medical diagnosis. We use them for our sexual health. We use them as we age and transition to new phases of our lives.

We require more than pen and paper. We deserve the same level of security and safe guarding afforded to big banks and financial institutions.

We're not going back. We demand more. 📢

And it's possible. 💪

Private by default

At Embody we believe no one should have to worry that their private health data will be sold, stolen, or misused.

Embody's solution is to keep your data private by default. You won't have to 'opt-in' to your safety like all of the other trackers. How will we do this?

Embody is the FIRST period tracker that includes a three tiered approach to security:

  • 📱Our app keeps your data stored locally on your phone. What this means is your data won't touch the cloud or our servers. We won't share your data because we can't. We won't have it!
  • 🔐 Embody is working with a team of expert cryptographers to ensure your data is end-to-end encrypted. What exactly does that mean? Our software will encode your data immediately, and anyone who goes looking for it would need the exact key to decode your private information.
  • ✅ Finally, Embody is an open source app. The code written to create our app is publicly available, meaning anyone can verify that we are delivering on our security promises. You can always verify that we are keeping your data as safe as we say we are.

No other menstrual health app offers this level of protection.

Whole cycle tracking

At Embody we believe that understanding our bodies is key in taking back our power.

Not only are the most popular period trackers unsafe, they are over a decade old and sorely inadequate.

Let's be real; our entire menstrual health education has been inadequate.

We're ready for more.

In 2013, when the first period app was released, it was revolutionary. These companies were excited to bring menstruation into the light and were embraced by a community ready for support. But since then, we have learned so much more about our bodies: mainly that understating our menstrual health goes far beyond periods and PMS.

With popular books like Period Power by Maisie Hill, Period Queen from Lucy Peach, and Wild Power by Sjanie Hugo Wurlitzer and Alexandra Pope, there is now a community of informed menstruators who are ready for an app that allows us to track our moods and symptoms across all four phases of the menstrual cycle:

❄️ Menstrual Phase

🌸 Follicular Phase

☀️ Ovulatory Phase

🍁 Luteal Phase

Knowing about these phases and what's happening in our bodies during all times of the month can help us recognize patterns and improve our body literacy. Embody does the work for you; the symptoms you track will be organized into phases. You'll be able to see the most common symptoms within each phase, and begin recognizing your own personal patterns.

Patterns are powerful.

Understanding your personal patterns throughout your cycle will eventually lead to answering life improving questions like:

  • What would it look like to consider your cycle when planning your workouts?
  • How can you and your partner plan for the days when you'll need more help taking care of your day-to-day responsibilities during the first few days of your period?
  • How can you harness the energy and confidence you have during your follicular phase to push your passion project at work?
  • What beauty are you capable of creating during your darkest days of the month?

Embody is partnering with experts in the medical and wellness industries to deepen our understanding of what is possible when we embrace our whole cycle.

It takes a village

Our team is busy building the first version of the Embody app. We are passionate, motivated, and ready to create the period app we've all been waiting for.

Be the first to download the beta version of the Embody app, coming Summer 2023.

If you can't wait for the app and want to stay engaged...

Join the Embody Community. We want your input on the problems Embody is working to solve. Join the Discord, and be ready to share (we want your input, we what to hear from you):

  • What don't you like about the period tracker you use today?
  • What features is it missing?
  • How can we support you in taking back control of your personal data?

If this is something that gets you excited, join us as part of the founding community on Discord, follow along on Twitter, and Instagram.

It's time to embody our power.

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