Menstruation 101

5 Facts About: The Follicular Phase

5 Facts About: The Follicular Phase
In: Menstruation 101

Congratulations, you made it! You’ve tossed out your final tampon and put away your depression sweatpants for the month. Menstruation is behind you. You’re going follicular. 🚀

During your follicular phase—the second phase the menstrual cycle—your body is busy preparing for the main event: ovulation. Hormones like estrogen and testosterone are on the rise, coaxing follicles (sacs in your ovaries that contain immature eggs) to grow and eventually release a Very Mature egg that does her own laundry and knows how to change a tire.

The follicular phase is your cycle’s happy hour, and all the drinks are half off. It’s Miley Cyrus singing Party in the USA. It’s a dog with zoomies. It’s possibility and promise, and there’s lots going on under the hood.

Want to join the party? Read on to learn more about Follicular Happy Hour:

⚡️It’s testosterone time

When we think of menstrual hormones, testosterone isn't at the top of the list. But it's a fact: testosterone plays a crucial role during the follicular phase. Biologically, it helps stimulate follicle development. Metaphorically, it gets the old engine going, boosting your energy levels and kicking your libido into high gear.

💪 Do you even lift, bro?

Speaking of energy levels, the follicular phase is a great time to focus on exercise. Those rising testosterone levels coupled with rising estrogen levels make it the best time to focus on a new PR when you're running a 5k or deadlifting. Accept the challenge to get swole and crush your fitness goals.

💤 Catching (or losing) sleep

Rising estrogen levels during the follicular phase may lead to more restful and deeper sleep. But don’t jump into bed yet: some folks may actually experience insomnia or restlessness. So, if you find yourself wide-eyed at 3 AM, try relaxation techniques like meditation, yoga, or listening to Benedict Cumberbatch read some poetry to help you drift off into a peaceful slumber.

💅 Ready for the ‘gram

Thanks to rising estrogen levels during the follicular phase, your hair and skin are likely to look no-Zoom-filter levels of good.Estrogen helps to regulate oil production in the scalp and makes skin more resilient, so take some time to revamp your 10-step K beauty routine or take a thirst trap (we won’t tell).

🎲 (Good) gambles and new beginnings

Want to ask for a raise? Talk to the barista you’ve had a crush on for eight months? The follicular phase might be the time to do it. Studies have shown that people may be more likely to take social or financial risks during this phase. Thank you, estrogen and testosterone spikes!

Tl;dr: The follicular phase is a time of new beginnings. As your body gears up for ovulation, you might experience an energy boost, a surge in libido, and some seriously good hair days. So put your hands up, they’re playing your song, you’re gonna be okay. 🥳 in the 🇺🇸

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